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Get an accurate diagnosis using non-invasive testing

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Remain with your pet for the entire appointment including all diagnostic testing

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mid-michigan veterinary cardiology, personal and professional care

We understand that hearing your pet may have a heart condition can be scary and overwhelming. At Mid-Michigan Veterinary Cardiology, we are here to help to efficiently obtain a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan that will allow you and your pet to get back to living your life. Through the process, we will work with you and your primary veterinarian in a collaborative effort to deliver high quality cardiac care that is personal, purposeful, and professional.

What to expect

Our office is conveniently located within the Greater Lansing Veterinary Center (GLVC) in Williamston, Michigan.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by one of our licensed veterinary technicians and you and your pet will be brought back to our exam room together. At MMVC it is important to us to give you the opportunity to be with your pet for the entire appointment. Not only does this allow for a less stressful visit for most pets but it allows you to be more involved in the diagnostic process as well as the formulation of the treatment plan. Through this process, you and your pet will be treated with kindness and compassion.

mid-michigan veterinary cardiology, kind and compassionate care
Dr. Christian Weder, Mid-Michigan Veterinary Cardiology

We are here for you

At Mid-Michigan Veterinary Cardiology, we are passionate about providing you and your beloved pet with the best in cardiac care. Our small team ensures that you and your family veterinarian will receive timely and direct communication. 

Emergency & Critical Care

If your pet needs emergency care outside of MMVC’s normal business hours, please contact:

Greater Lansing Veterinary Center (GLVC)
24-hour 7 days a week emergency care