At Mid-Michigan Veterinary Cardiology we offer three primary services: echocardiography, electrocardiography, and blood pressure measurement. All testing is non-invasive and pets rarely require sedation. We offer the opportunity for owners to be present with their pets throughout all diagnostic testing. Being with their owners allows many pets to be more at ease through our testing process and permits owners to have a more intimate understanding of the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Mid-Michigan Veterinary Cardiology - Echocardiography


Often referred to as an ‘echo,’ Echocardiology is an ultrasound of the heart. It is a non-invasive test that allows us to visualize the chambers and valves of the heart. Echocardiography is the primary diagnostic tool that will be used to diagnose your pet’s heart condition.

Mid-Michigan Veterinary Cardiology - Electrocardiography


Electrocardiography is typically called an ECG or EKG. It is a recording of the electrical activity of the heart and is used to diagnose arrhythmias.

Mid-Michigan Veterinary Cardiology - Blood Pressure Measurement

Blood Pressure Measurement

Blood Pressure Measurement is important to investigate for concurrent hypertension (high blood pressure) in your pet. High blood pressure can have deleterious effects on the heart and other major organs and it is important to identify, if present.

Mid-Michigan Veterinary Cardiology Services

That’s not all we offer…

While echocardiography, electrocardiography, and blood pressure measurement are the primary diagnostic tests that we perform, other tools are always at our disposal, if necessary. These include Holter monitoring (ambulatory ECG), digital radiography, complete blood panels, infectious disease testing, OFA certification, and much more.